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According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, an estimated two million American adults meet the American Psychiatric Association’s criteria for gambling disorder in a given yearAccording to the National Council on Problem Gambling, an estimated two million American adults meet the American Psychiatric Association’s criteria for gambling disorder in a given year

Gambling it all away

Keith started gambling in 2011. Before long he was spending 10 hours a day, most days, at the casino. Then he started using his company credit card to gamble.

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Time and temperature are among the most important factors for reducing the risk of foodborne illnessTime and temperature are among the most important factors for reducing the risk of foodborne illness

The science of food safety

Beware the temperature danger zone.

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TC Adaptive Cycling helps increase participation and access to cycling among individuals with disabilities.TC Adaptive Cycling helps increase participation and access to cycling among individuals with disabilities.

A bike for every body

Minneapolis is one of the best bike cities on Earth. But not if you're living with a disability.

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Eating disorder can affect anyoneEating disorder can affect anyone

Eating disorders don't discriminate

It's not just young women who have them.

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Mel and Brian KaminMel and Brian Kamin

A tangled mind

Seven years ago, Brian Kamin's life changed forever, when he discovered that his father Mel had Alzheimer's disease. But the Kamin family experience is not unusual. Five and a half million Americans are struggling with the disease.

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Emily was diagnosed with perinatal mood and anxiety disorderEmily was diagnosed with perinatal mood and anxiety disorder

Not just the baby blues

After the birth of her first son, it took Emily Larson a few months to realize that how she was feeling wasn't normal.

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More housing complexes are choosing to go smoke freeMore housing complexes are choosing to go smoke free

Smoke out

In 2006, Polly Buttrum's apartment went up in flames. The culprit? Cigarettes. Spurred on by stories like this, there's been a nationwide trend toward smoke-free housing.

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Scott is in a medical respite programScott is in a medical respite program

A respite from the streets

After a hospitalization, Scott, who's homeless, would have been discharged to the streets. Instead, he was transferred to a medical respite program.

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Project AIM is a teen pregnancy prevention programProject AIM is a teen pregnancy prevention program

Teens aim higher

An innovative youth development program aims to curb the teen pregnancy rate.

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Biking can help treat mental illnessBiking can help treat mental illness

Riding to recovery

Tim Bakula has battled major depression for most of his adult life. Shortly after a 2016 psychiatric hospitalization, providers offered Bakula an unusual prescription: biking.

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Quaylon got help from BridgingQuaylon got help from Bridging

Bridging their way to a better life

Quaylon, a military veteran and father, used Bridging to help restart his life.

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Pat participates in the Criminal Justice Behavioral Health InitiativePat participates in the Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Initiative

Breaking the cycle

Pat's cycled in and out of the criminal justice system so many times he’s lost count. But this time he’s receiving a different set of supports through Hennepin County’s Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Initiative.

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Debbie's husband had hoarding disorderDebbie's husband had hoarding disorder

Hoarding Disorder

This misunderstood mental illness affects two to five percent of the population.

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Preventable. Treatable. Stoppable.

For DeWayne Davis, a pastor at All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church, combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic is personal. 

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Harvesting Community

At an independent senior community complex in Brooklyn Park, residents play fruit and veggie bingo and grow organic produce. And that's only part of their campaign to combat Alzheimer's and other dementia.

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Taking Control and Restarting Their Lives

The FBI ranks the Twin Cities among the top 13 metropolitan areas in America for sex trafficking. In 2013, a woman named Vosiney escaped this life and now helps others restart their lives, too.

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TB Takes Tough Treatment

After a University of Minnesota student was diagnosed with TB, a health worker began visiting her home each day.

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Preparedness Matters

Emergencies happen in a hurry. Be ready. Start now.

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Useful Learning

People with intellectual and/or development disabilities lag behind the general population in healthy eating, physical activity, and more. An innovative horticulture project is trying to help.

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A Mom Knows

When he was two, Tonio was jumbling sentences and misbehaving in daycare. Then his mother scheduled an early childhood screening.

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Prepping for Parenthood

At a Minneapolis homeless shelter, providers are teaching pregnant women about parenthood.

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Rx Roulette

Providers are overprescribing opioid painkillers and the excess supply is being used by teens and adults. Opioid painkillers can lead to addiction and overdose -- and they can be gateway drugs to substances like heroin.

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Employment Pays

These health care providers are prescribing something innovative for people with mental health and chemical dependency issues. Employment support.

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Stealthy Syphilis

This bacterial infection doesn't always cause symptoms -- and it's increasing in broader segments of the population at an unprecedented rate.

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Little Kids, Lotta Germs

Every year there are thousands of infectious disease outbreaks at childcare and school settings across America. Hennepin has resources that can help.

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Break the Silence

After a horrific sexual assault, this survivor created a forum for other sexual assault survivors to heal.

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Veggie Love

Not eating more veggies is fueling the obesity epidemic. And that epidemic is costing Minnesota $3 billion per year.

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To Have a Home

They've been abandoned, rejected, abused, neglected. Homeless youth seek shelter at night and try to build normal lives during the day.

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Ignoring Stigmas, Saving Lives

Needle exchange programs save lives and stop the spread of HIV and hepatitis.

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A Bigger World Through Books

Active minds stay healthy longer. Reading is a good Rx.

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Kayaking Therapy

For these disabled veterans, kayaking is a form of therapy.

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Take the Radon Test

It's invisible and odorless but dangerous. Are you at risk? A simple test will tell you.

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New Routes to Better Health

The Blue Line Extension opens in 2021. By 2030, it will carry 27,000 riders each day.

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Anger Management

It can be tough to control. These men are teaching other men how.

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Proactive Paramedics

Some paramedics aren't just responding to emergencies. They're preventing them.

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Books behind bars

Kris's parents never read to her. Now she's breaking the cycle -- from behind bars.

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Diapers and Diplomas

She was 14 and a freshman honor roll student. Then she found out she was pregnant.

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Orange In Motion

The Orange Bike Program boosts bike ridership and fitness in north Minneapolis.

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A giving garden

Jared Walhowe's 4,800 square-foot “giving garden” feeds hundreds of hungry Minnesotans.

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Health happens here

After Jessica LaPoint joined a workforce wellness program, her fitness skyrocketed.

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North Side Nutrition

DeVon Nolen is on a mission — to improve the health of north Minneapolis residents.

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Healing knowledge

Chia Yang knows the value of talking to a doctor. An important discovery more than 25 years ago saved his life.

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Hope from COPE

Mental health emergencies are never planned. Yet they happen. That’s why COPE exists.

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Water Safety: A Matter of Minutes

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there are 10,000 and 1 good reasons to stay safe near water.
One moment can change everything.

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Cool When It Counts

It’s a mid-July mid-afternoon and the movie “Wet, Hot American Summer” is playing at the Uptown.

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